We believe you don’t need to know what kind of facial to book before seeing us.  We are the experts- let us help you decide.

We will schedule you for 90 minutes, allowing you and the esthetician to discuss what goals you have for your skin (yes- “look younger” is a great goal). At the same time the esthetician will analyze and evaluate your skin.

She will then discuss the different options with you, and you can decide together on the perfect plan. Each treatment is highly customized to your skin’s needs on the day of the facial.

We believe in rebuilding the skin rather than breaking it down.  90% of our facials leave you looking dewy and refreshed- not raw or red. Extractions are included in all facials if needed.  Our arsenal of skincare tools include OxyLight LED Therapy, Micro current for muscle stimulation, Hyaluronic acid hydrating patches, Oxygen infusion, Micro-Puncture, Bio-electric therapy, Joanna’s 30+ years experience, and much more.

Example skin goals from our clients: Less wrinkles, Decrease acne scars, Brighter appearance, Look less tired, Look 20 years younger, Lighten dark spots, Smoother skin, Reduce appearance of Rosacea, Clear up acne, Lifting, Firming …  What are your goals?

Our Estheticians


If you ask anyone from her loyal Dallas clients to her list of celebrity friends, or just Google her name, you will find the same adjectives used to describe Joanna: smart, funny, honest and stylish. Her education and expertise allow her to solve the most difficult skin problem, and her stories and jokes make it a pleasure to experience.  Joanna’s facials start at $550 and brow services start at $85

Go to her About page to learn more about her philosophy and journey


With her natural talent and undeniable skill, Lindsay, a seasoned esthetician, impressed Joanna a little over two years ago and has been a part of the team ever since! Lindsay specializes in customized facials, waxing and brow shaping. Her infamous facial massages leave patients glowing and refreshed- you’ll be in awe of Lindsay’s sensational technique. Lindsay’s facials start at $225 and brow treatments start at $50.


Rebecca specializes in customized facials, micropuncture treatments, and brow shaping. Having trained solely under Joanna, Rebecca emulates the same extraordinary techniques with serenity and precision, along with the perfect dose of southern charm! Her clients leave feeling rejuvenated with and enthusiastic about their new skin care routine. Rebecca’s facials start at $225 and brow treatments start at $50.


Under Arm

BROWS from $50
Eyebrow Tweezing
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting