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Face Mask


Need to Know… Must-Have Masks

It’s a masking minefield out there, so find the one for your skin with our tried-and-tested guide. By HANNAH COATES

Face masks have come a long way since the cream-and-cucumber days. Now, the best ones tackle all manner of complexion concerns, from dry skin to sallow cheeks. “Unlike serums, which give results over time, a mask gives long-lasting results after just one use,” says La
Mer’s Global Skincare Advisor, Joanna Czech. There’s a mask to fit every face and tend to every need, if you know what to look for…


Best for: A deep clean

Congested and problematic complexions will love Sisley’s new Tropical Resins mask. It’s a white clay-based formula that absorbs the oil and surface impurities which jeopardize clear skin. You’ll actually feel your pores tightening – don’t worry, it’s not particularly uncomfortable – and immediately see a more even tone, thanks to the redness-reducing myrrh and incense. With any clay-based mask, Czech recommends applying straight after you’ve cleansed with a hot flannel to open pores and leaving it on for 10 minutes, once
or twice a week.